Nadene Neale, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

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Member Drop-in Rate

Initial visit: $100

Return visit: $70

Monthly Provider Rate: $39

Initial visit: $30

Visits per year: 9

Additional visits offered at $60 Copay

Monthly Provider Rate available to Co-op Members only.

I enjoy developing rapport with my patients. Rapport, above all, is the most healing aspect of what I do on a daily basis. We build a mutual respect founded on trust and fueled by the shared intention of seeking health. I learn from my patients as much as they learn from me. I tend to believe that my patients have most of the answers about their health, or lack of health, and I am just the one listening and pulling out the puzzle pieces so we can put the puzzle together.

Treatments: Lifestyle counseling, counseling, nutrition, elimination/detoxification, botanicals (herbs), homeopathy, nutraceutical supplementation, nature cure, and hydrotherapy.

Interests: Learning. Currently, walking the walk, I’m taking my own advice and practicing self-care. Physical conditioning. Self-reflection and personal growth. Developing systems for life and business. Organizing. Cleaning. Listening. Communicating. Empowering those who ask to be. Surfing at Oswald West. Snow boarding the Colorado Rockies. Getting on planes. Laying on a tube in still water in the sun. Reading fantasy and history. Watching excellent cinematic productions. Hiking my dogs at Forest Park.

The contract for Primary Care Services is an annual agreement with the Provider.
Members are responsible for all fees for one full year.

Membership Terms & Conditions

E-mail: [email protected]


Ages Seen: All

Language(s): English

Primary Care Services Include:

  • Women’s Health
  • Digestive Disease
  • Hormone Testing and Balancing
  • Dermatology

Additional Reduced Rate Fees:

  • Lab tests
  • Imaging
  • In-house medicinal Items
  • Any charges not covered under the co-op plan will be payable at the time of the visit

Please call for additional information on specific services or exclusions

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