Katherine Lopez Sankey, MD

Medical Doctor

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Member Drop-in Rate

Initial visit: $140

Return visit: $65 ( 30 min) - $120 (60 min)

Monthly Provider Rate: $50

Initial visit: $20

Visits per year: 6

Additional visits offered at $65

Additional Rates / Plans:

Family Plan Rate: $89 / month - 3+people Initial Visit Fee ( one time only ): $20 / per person Visits Per Year: 18 for total family

Monthly Provider Rate available to Co-op Members only.

I’m a holistic-minded general practitioner who believes in the body’s innate ability to heal. I see both children and adults. My conventional medical training at the University of California Berkeley, the University of Michigan Medical School, and my one year of family medicine residency at Providence Milwaukie Hospital here in Oregon, taught me to recognize serious diseases and safely manage pharmaceuticals.

I respect my patients as intelligent beings looking to establish a healing relationship with me. Our appointments are long, and I wait until they reach their natural conclusion rather than set an artificial time limit. This usually takes 30 to 60 minutes or more, so I don’t schedule appointments back-to-back and you won’t wait to be seen. I listen deeply to your story, so I can learn where you stand in your journey of healing. I use meditation and relaxation techniques during our visits to jump-start your healing on a cellular level. You and I put together a detailed plan to restore your health, and I make sure you leave with a complete understanding and everything typed onto a handout for you to take home.

I use medications judiciously, and rely largely on nutrition and counseling to help my patients heal. I love helping people reduce their need for medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, and chronic pain.

I have received advanced training in mind-body medicine, nutritional healing, and naturopathic approaches to women’s health, including chronic yeast and bacterial imbalances. I work with experienced naturopathic doctors to add their expertise in herbs and homeopathy to our wellness plan if you desire. I look forward to future training in functional medicine.

The contract for Primary Care Services is an annual agreement with the Provider.
Members are responsible for all fees for one full year.

Membership Terms & Conditions

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.sunnysidecocare.com/

Ages Seen: All

Language(s): English

Primary Care Services Include:

  • Disease prevention and optimizing health consultations
  • Management of chronic medical conditions (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid)
  • 1 Annual visit includes exam and testing for cholesterol and fasting glucose levels
  • Children’s office visits and well check exam

Additional Reduced Rate Fees:

  • Vaccinations at cost
  • Additional lab tests – discounted fees
  • Imaging, radiology services – through local facilities at their cash discount rate
  • Supplements at discounted rates
  • School physicals - $35
  • Walk-ins for medication refills will not be allowed. You must have a scheduled appointment
  • Any charges not covered under the co-op plan will be payable at the time of the visit

Please call for additional information on specific services or exclusions

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