Mary E Joyce, LPC, CADC

License Professional Counselor, Certified Additction and Drug Counselor

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Member Drop-in Rate

Initial visit: $85

Return visit: $60

Member Drop-in Rate available to Co-op Members only.

Mental Health Counseling is my second major career and blossoms directly out of my first career in medical research.  I practice mental health counseling from a Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) perspective.  That is, the way you think (cognitions) and the way you act or react (behavior) has a direct effect on your mental health or your emotional response.  As a therapist I help you explore the way you think and act and the results those thoughts and actions have in your day to day experiences.  Once these elements are recognized, you have the opportunity to decide what would be helpful to change and what may be the consequences of these changes.  I also use Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills which allows you to see the push-pull that life presents and helps us find paths through conflicting life messages.  I use your strengths to design you solutions.
Counseling can be fun and should be hard work because change is not easy.   We will set goals and develop plans to meet those goals.  I use simple measures to show progress, I map the progress so that we can discuss what is changing as a part of the therapeutic process, but there is always some room in the work for a good laugh.  There is beauty all around us.  Let’s not waste another moment, let’s find out how to see it.

Treatment offerings include: Anxiety Disorders such as General Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress and Acute Stress Disorder; relationship difficulties and couples therapy; adjustment to life changes like a new medical diagnosis or loss of physical abilities or job; as well as treatment for depression.

Interests include: I am a biologist first and foremost so I am always looking at what scientists are finding out about the brain but my biology also pulls me to the out of doors.


Ages Seen: 14 and up

Language(s): English, Experience with therapy through interpretation

Services Include:

  • Individual mental health and addiction counseling
  • Couples and family counseling
  • Group counseling as offered ( call to see what groups are offered currently )
  • Sessions offered on the hour

Additional Reduced Rate Fees:

  • $45 per group session
  • $120 / 3 group sessions
  • Any charges not covered under the co-op plan will be payable at the time of the visit

Please call for additional information on specific services or exclusions

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