Teresa Amberg, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

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Member Drop-in Rate: $50

Monthly Provider Rate: $44

Initial visit: $0

Visits per year: 12 visits (1 per month)

Additional visits offered at $50

Additional Rates / Plans:

90 min. sessions offered for $70

Monthly Provider Rate available to Co-op Members only.

     I have a strong passion for helping others and a belief that massage can bring balance to the mind-body connection.  I attended Everest school of massage in Vancouver, WA in 2015.  After which, I opened my own practice in downtown Vancouver, WA. I am licensed in both Washington and Oregon.
     I specialize in relaxation massage; primarily working with clients experiencing Depression, Stress, and Anxiety related issues; as well as Addiction recovery.  All of which often lead to physical pain.  My practice has also been increasing in the number of clients that I see for sports massage.  Massage can help clients recover from extensive training more quickly and efficiently while also decreasing the possibility of injury. It is always my goal to bring the best experience possible to my clients and provide them with reliable, professional care.  I look forward to growing my practice and integrating new clients and new techniques!

The contract for Primary Care Services is an annual agreement with the Provider.
Members are responsible for all fees for one full year.

Membership Terms & Conditions

E-mail: [email protected]

Ages Seen: 10 and up

Language(s): English

Primary Care Services Include:

  • Relaxation (Swedish) Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Choose either monthly fee or pay as you go rates
  • Monthly rate includes 1 massage per month

Additional Reduced Rate Fees:

  • If massage is not used with in the month will not be redeemable any other time
  • Any charges not covered under the co-op plan will be payable at the time of the visit

Please call for additional information on specific services or exclusions

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