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Now there’s help for the Physician treating the Uninsured

The economic downturn and resulting high unemployment has led to an alarming number of people who cannot afford health insurance.  Patients are postponing medical treatment making manageable medical problems worse.

The Solution

Patient/Physician Cooperatives (PPC) provides a program that works for the Physicians who have patients who are uninsured or have insurance that does not cover their services.  The PPC program helps the patients by providing access to affordable healthcare.

The PPC Healthcare Cooperative Plan

PPC contracts with physicians to treat its members.  Members pay a monthly fee and sign an annual contract agreeing to make monthly payments to the Coop.   PPC pays the medical provider at the end of each month for each member that has chosen them as their primary care provider.  Any additional charges by the physician are collected at the time of their office visit.

The Physician/Medical Provider Benefits:

  • Regain the earning potential from Uninsured patients
  • Save clinic costs by not having to bill or collect from 3rd party Insurance Providers
  • The Medical Provider receives their contracted rate per month for each member by the end of the month
  • Members are still required to make appointments and adhere to your clinic requirements
  • You and the PPC helps market the program and signs up Members for you
  • Members contract directly with their selected Medical Provider
  • PPC has an Oversight Committee to handle any issues between any of the parties
  • Secure new and retain current uninsured patients by providing them an affordable alternative for paying
  • The Medical Provider continues the doctor-patient relationship while providing the best medical care

PPC is a non-profit organization

 Here are the steps for new providers:
1. Credentialing process – see attached for required list of documents.

2. Meet to determine your rates and terms and sign the signature page.

3. We ask that you join the coop as a Plan A  $20/mo member to help support our marketing efforts and support the coop.

Contact Provider Services for more information:

Sherri McCormack
Phone: 503-746-9428
E-mail:  [email protected]


For download:

  1. Physician FAQ
  2. Provider Contract
  3. Credentialing Agreement