What are folks saying about the PPC?

Quality healthcare, regardless of insurance coverage

“Portland PPC is a well-planned and beautifully executed program. Free labs? Quality healthcare, regardless of insurance coverage? Holistic practitioners with a variety of disciplines? And it’s affordable! I love PPC in PDX and highly recommended it for patients and health care professionals.”

-Correy Mercer Hinkley

Portland PPC has been fantastic for me.

“Portland PPC has been fantastic for me. It has allowed me to get regular medical care from a doctor I felt I could trust, even though my insurance only covers big things. I have been able to build a relationship with my doctor, receiving care over time to gain greater wellness. It’s a great way to fill in the gaps that are left when insurance doesn’t really cover the everyday kinds of care that we all need from our health care providers.”

-Kirsten Olsen

RX Discounts Worth the PPC Membership

“PPC/PDX has been a great experience for me. Their patient advocacy, discounts on prescription drugs and network of providers is well worth the monthly charge. You get access to whole range of naturopaths, massage therapists, chiropractors, dentists and general medical doctors that truly care about people. PPC provides a platform where patients and health professionals can really work together and not become just another number. It’s been one of the best choices I’ve made in the last 2+ years. Thank you for being there, PPC.”
-Eric Roth, PPC Member

No Insurance Coverage – PPC Fills the Gap

My husband had just lost his job in December 2011. I was employed with a Beaverton Non-Profit, but the organization carried no health insurance for our three eligible employees. Two of the employees were covered by the Oregon Health Plan and I was left without any coverage for myself since I made just a little over the Oregon Health Plan cutoff income.
Because I was the director I was able to attend several community meetings to research how we could better assist our neighbors in need. I attended a community meeting put on by PPC. I soon discovered not only could this coop assist some of our clients, they could also assist me in my plight for medical coverage until I reached age 65.
I signed up in March 2012 with PPC and chose Multnomah Family Care. The monthly fee was affordable and I received several included services where I did not pay extra. When I had used up the included services there were discounted services and a small co-pay.
More than any services I received, I felt that secure knowing that I was being taken care of by PPC.
I am now covered under Medicare. I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity to have found a group that relieved the financial stress and worry of having to take a chance and not have medical and dental coverage.
Thank you Morgan for PPC and being there whenever I had concerns and questions. I am forever thankful that PPC was there for me in my time of Need.
-Dorie Horne

…Actual care that real people can afford…

First and foremost I like the PPC because it actually provides care that I can afford! I qualify for only a tiny bit of help with my payments under the ACA and I don’t make very much money! (Less than $35,000/yr). The “help” does not bring the ACA costs within my budget. None of the ACA or Cover Oregon plans are actually affordable if you don’t make much money. If you make over $35,000 you don’t even get help if you are single!

I did a lot of research into the “insurance” offered under the ACA and Cover Oregon and found that the only difference in the plans was how much the deductible and the monthly premiums were. The co-pay after your deductible varies depending on the monthly premium and which plan you choose. Unless you have an illness such as diabetes or you have children the plans are all the same. . . They provide ONE exam per year (women can stretch it to three). Many of the plans only cover half or less of a hospital stay AFTER the $2,000 to $6,000 deductible. And you can forget about alternative care such as chiropractic or massage therapy. Most of the plans don’t cover chiropractic and the ones that do don’t cover anything until AFTER you pay the deductible. None of the plans cover massage therapy (something I need). (more…)

…A Terrific Doctor at an Affordable Rate…

PPC has allowed me to have regular access to a terrific doctor at an affordable rate.  Rather than relying on Urgent Care centers for treatment when I absolutely had to go; I was able to select a wonderful doctor from the list of participants and develop a relationship with her.  It was now ‘ok’ to go in for preventative and routine appointments without worrying about the cost. I have referred many others to PPC as well.

Christy Aleckson, MBA

…Insurances Companies Don’t Offer That…

PPC is the very best bet for working class folks who cannot afford health insurance.  It is affordable, accessible, and most importantly useful.  Massage therapy? Dental care? The majority of insurances companies don’t offer that.  PPC does. While PPC cannot help with hospitalization or emergency care (not yet, anyway) what it does offer is preventive care, which is, I believe, the most important kind.

Anna Marie Brown, PPC Member

…Affordable, Simple and Better…

I lost my insurance when I turned 24 years old. Since then, I was underinsured, with university mandatory health plan. I did not have major health issue but when my wisdom teeth started to bother me, I felt the need of dental attention, but not be able to visit dentist because of my insurance status. Then I found PPC, I loved their concept and thought I could trust and rely on the doctors and practitioners that work with PPC. I met many of them at the member appreciation party and they were so nice and friendly. Thanks to PPC, I got my wisdom teeth pulled out soon after and being well. The PPC membership and plan was more affordable, simple and better than my mandatory insurance provided by my school. Thanks PPC.

Maiko Satoh

…A True Benefit to Portland…

I would like to take the opportunity to recommend your service to everyone who is interested in a local, low-cost health program. My experience with your staff, and the doctors I saw was exceptional. I felt like everyone I met in your network was very helpful, and actually cared about my well-being. Your organization is a true benefit to the Portland area, and I wish you all the best in the future. I will definitely tell my friends and family about your program.

Michael Culpepper

…A Unique Experience…

My husband and I have both been PPC members for the past year. We have had a great experience. We were able to find a quality doctor at a very affordable cost. Paying the monthly membership fee allowed us access to healthcare that we were not able to get for years before. It was also a unique experience because it is a community of local people who care about their health and community. We really enjoyed going to the PPC meetings and events. I highly recommend PPC.

Carol Kinsinger