No Insurance Coverage – PPC Fills the Gap

My husband had just lost his job in December 2011. I was employed with a Beaverton Non-Profit, but the organization carried no health insurance for our three eligible employees. Two of the employees were covered by the Oregon Health Plan and I was left without any coverage for myself since I made just a little over the Oregon Health Plan cutoff income.
Because I was the director I was able to attend several community meetings to research how we could better assist our neighbors in need. I attended a community meeting put on by PPC. I soon discovered not only could this coop assist some of our clients, they could also assist me in my plight for medical coverage until I reached age 65.
I signed up in March 2012 with PPC and chose Multnomah Family Care. The monthly fee was affordable and I received several included services where I did not pay extra. When I had used up the included services there were discounted services and a small co-pay.
More than any services I received, I felt that secure knowing that I was being taken care of by PPC.
I am now covered under Medicare. I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity to have found a group that relieved the financial stress and worry of having to take a chance and not have medical and dental coverage.
Thank you Morgan for PPC and being there whenever I had concerns and questions. I am forever thankful that PPC was there for me in my time of Need.
-Dorie Horne