Patient Physician Cooperative

By Nancy Tannler, The Southeast Examiner

“In 2011 the Patient/Physician Cooperative (PPC), was founded in Portland by citizens and volunteers  interested in making a positive impact on the health of the uninsured in Oregon.

The PPC provides people direct access to basic healthcare needs and routine checkups at an affordable rate.

The Southeast Examiner spoke with Morgan Butler, PPC Community Outreach, to find out more about how the coop works, especially now that we have the Affordable Health Care (AHC)   in effect.

“PPC is not insurance, it’s about ongoing healthcare,” he said. “Many of the newcomers to the AHC insurance have the bronze plan that’s mostly for catastrophic coverage. They don’t always include regular wellness check-ups.”

PPC is a non-profit co-op that connects you directly to a doctor or dentist of your choice. Primary Care Providers specialize in traditional western medicine, integrative, alternative and holistic care (including MDs, Naturopathy, Acupuncture Chiropractics and more). They have specialists in dental, vision, mental health and women’s health/midwives. Portland PPC has 80 health care providers and clients with pre-exisiting conditions are not denied…”

July 1st, 2014

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Patient Physician Cooperative