Portland Patient/Physician Cooperative Fills Healthcare Gaps

By Pete Shaw, Portland Occupier

“While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has certainly been a boon for many people, particularly those who prior to its passage could not afford health insurance, it is still lacking in many areas. The most glaring of these is that it is not a single payer system, which is the standard in every other industrialized country, and as such, it still works to create profits for insurance companies rather than a healthier, more civilized, and more humane society. Some leading Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, have stated that they wish to take the ACA further, and Reid has even mentioned that he views it as a path toward a single payer system.

One organization helping fill those gaps is Portland’s Patient/Physician Cooperatives (PPC), which was founded in 2011 to provide people with direct access to basic health needs and encourage them to see doctors not just when they are sick, but on a regular schedule so as to help maintain their health. Not insurance, the PPC is a non-profit cooperative that exists solely for its members and boasts over 85 providers including allopaths, dentists, and opthamologists working with patients to improve their overall health. The co-op also offers acupuncturists, masseuses, and midwives among other forms of alternative medicine…”

May, 30th 2014

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Portland Patient/Physician Cooperative Fills Healthcare Gaps